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YOUR Gift in Action- Reclaiming that Winning Smile

Smiling older man“It’s time to say ‘thank you’ for your dedication & support during my recent dental work at El Rio Dental. I am grateful to my case manager at SAAF, Steve Manges, for his patience & guidance beginning my dental procedure. After my cancer treatment of chemo, radiation, and pain meds, all of my teeth were destroyed which was a devastating reality. After securing the initial funding, thanks to Steve, Neil MacDonald (SAAF’s Statewide Insurance Programs Coordinator), SAAF, & Delta Dental, I finally was ready to begin the dental adventure.The timing for me was perfect as a new program connecting El Rio Dental with EL Rio SIA (Special Immunology Associates) & patients living with HIV & AIDS (had just been established).
It feels great to smile again as my team and I are in the final phase of adjustments. I thank all of you and your hard work. Patients of El Rio & SAAF & other HIV/AIDS organizations need this program. Seeking information and assistance provided for patients who already feel overwhelmed with cancer & HIV, now (they) have some amazing patient advocacy to walk them through the options for treatment plans, funding, and navigating the dental clinics. Thank you, again, for everything.”