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YOUR Gift in Action- Eon Youth Speak Out

Gay Youth with dog“Eon has helped me with one major thing. That thing is me being confident about myself. Before coming to Eon I felt like people would judge me so I never told really anyone that I was gay. But after coming for about three months I was and have been tons and tons more confident about myself. I feel great here at Eon and I feel so amazing here because there are others here like me. Eon is the best place that I’ve found…”
“Eon has been a really safe place for me. It’s been a place where I can get information, ask questions, and get resources without feeling embarrassed. I started coming here for a project and with a goal to just learn. I’ve learned about all sorts of things from STDs and STIs to choosing references for jobs. I feel 100% accepted. When I’m here, I’m not ‘the gay kid’. I’m me”