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Volunteering with SAAF

SAAF's Volunteer Program

SAAF’s volunteer program offers an immersive and accessible volunteer experience that promotes community and nurtures a culture of activism and togetherness. By allowing members of the Tucson community to contribute directly to any and all of our programs and services, we remain true to our origins in mutual aid work, done for community by community. To those devoted to the cause of health equity and social justice, we provide an avenue for channeling that passion and enthusiasm in any number of our departments that ultimately creates opportunity and fosters personal and professional development.

SAAF’s commitment to delivering on comprehensive, and holistic client care is demonstrated by the extensive and ever-growing list of services we provide. Our volunteers are directly involved in the delivery of that quality of care and are instrumental in staffing our Food for Life kitchen and food delivery team, reception, our Syringe Access Program, the Thornhill Lopez Youth Center on 4th, staffing events, and plenty more. Our volunteers are our collaborators in our approach to trauma-informed care and harm reduction practices and are trained on these topics in our monthly volunteer orientations.

Pink Haired supporter at AIDSWalk 2022 fans her face with paper fan

SAAF Volunteers

In spite of the external challenges posed by the pandemic, our volunteers have not faltered in their consistency and commitment to improving the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS and have shown up when safe to do so to create space for commemoration and celebration as evident by the success of events like AIDSWALK, Out Brunch, and Jell-O Wrestling.

Our volunteers’ generosity and compassion are undeniable and it is their energy and enthusiasm that allows SAAF to reach community members, deliver our services, and strengthen and expand the reach of our advocacy and educational outreach. Join us!

Monique Vallery speaks to the crowd at AIDSWalk 2022 while wearing a purple AIDSWalk t-shirt

Sign Up to Volunteer

To sign up for one of our Volunteer Orientations, fill out the form below:

Volunteer Orientation Signup

Please choose the orientation date you would like and fill in the personal information. All fields are required. Volunteer Orientation takes place monthly on site at our Euclid location, unless told otherwise. See the dates below for details and to sign up. Once you have submitted the sign-up form, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact Fred Rodriguez at to verify that you are signed up. Thank you!

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Are you interested in volunteering at SAAF’s events? If so, learn more about what volunteering at events entails. Visit our informative page here.