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Supporting SAAF

Supporting SAAF

For over 25 years, SAAF has provided services and resources around Arizona that many have come to depend on. Our efforts are only possible because of the tireless support from community members.

Support for SAAF can look different for everybody.

Supporting our programs and services allows us to continue to thrive and hopefully expand. Please consider supporting SAAF any way you can.

Supporting SAAF as an Individual

If you are an individual support could include:

  • Making a direct donation by visiting our donation page
  • Signing up to be a monthly giver
  • Giving through third-party programs provided by companies such as Amazon Smile, Fry’s Community Rewards, and Target
  • Participating in our events as an attendee or a fundraising team
  • Volunteering your time
  • Making in-kind donations
  • Following us on social media and sharing our information

Supporting SAAF as a Business

If you are a business owner or representative, support might look like:

  • Sponsoring one of our events and be listed as such
  • Holding a third-party giving event, sale, or special at your place of business
  • Start a fundraising work team for one of our events