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SAAF Teams Up with The Loft for Double Feature

SAAF is excited to once again team up with the Loft Cinema, this time for a double feature of the 1980 classic cult film, Cruising, and James Franco’s recent companion piece, Interior. Leather Bar.
 In 1980 the MPAA demanded that 40 minutes of sexually explicit material be removed from William Friedkin’s controversial film Cruising, starring Al Pacino as an undercover cop tracking a murderer through the New York City gay leather bar scene . That footage, cut to avoid a dreaded X rating, has never been screened publically. In Interior. Leather Bar., actor/filmmaker James Franco sets out to re-imagine what may have transpired in those missing 40 minutes. Explicit, startling and even moving, Interior. Leather Bar. is a sure-fire conversation-starter that will keep you talking long after you leave the theatre.
Join us on Wednesday May 29 for this very special double feature. For more information, click here.