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Last One to Screen on Tuesday June 30

last_one_largeJoin us on Tuesday June 30 at the Loft Cinema (located at 3533 East Speedway Blvd) for a one-night only screening of The Last One. Doors open at 6:30pm and the film screens at 7:00pm.
Tickets are $10 ($8 for Loft Members) and all proceeds will benefit the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), Aunt Rita’s Foundation, & the Loft Cinema. We hope to see you there.
In the eighties and nineties, as the United States gay community was being ravaged by AIDS, families and friends of the dying fought a public battle to find treatment and understanding. The AIDS Memorial Quilt was conceived “as a weapon against not only the disease but the cruelty and bigotry that the disease exposed,” according to one of its founders, Cleve Jones. Today the Quilt is a handmade testament to both the struggle of the early days of the epidemic and its continued impact today, as panels representing lives lost to the disease continue to stream in from all over the world. The Last One is a feature-length documentary that frames the quest to sew the last panel into the Quilt, representing the end of AIDS.
Through archival footage, verite scenes and interviews with founder Cleve Jones, self-described “Hand Maiden of the Quilt” Gert McMullin, and other early volunteers and panel makers, The Last One uncovers the birth of The AIDS Memorial Quilt and its subsequent impact on politics, science and the media. Through activists like Patricia Nalls and Regan Hoffman, the film explores the role the Quilt continues to play as a response to a disease that, while treatable for some, still affects vulnerable communities around the world.
In 1987, a single panel–unlike any other panel submitted before or since–was delivered anonymously to The NAMES Project Foundation/AIDS Memorial Quilt with no letter, no background, no instructions. But the caretakers of The Quilt knew just what to do with this panel: Hold on to it and to the hope it conveyed until it could be sewn into The AIDS Memorial Quilt as “The Last One.”
It is now not only possible, but realistic to imagine an end to stigma and an end to AIDS. It is possible to imagine a day when the NAMES Project can sew “The Last One” panel into The AIDS Memorial Quilt. Science has begun to articulate a new AIDS narrative: if we test and treat enough people globally, the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic can be changed and we will begin to end AIDS, and The Last One can become a reality.