Volunteers make our events possible! Volunteering at an event is a wonderful way to get involved with SAAF and the community. There are plenty of opportunities to work as a volunteer at events throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering at an event, please submit the form below so that our Development & Volunteer Coordinator can contact you with more information.

jell-o wrestling

Jell-O Wrestling happens during springtime. This event is typically an outdoor event. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Since this is Jell-O Wrestling, there is a potential of you getting dirty. Usually, we require volunteers for the following jobs:

  • Set Up
  • Wrestler Check-In
  • Parking Lot Greeter
  • Parking Lot Attendant
  • Volunteer Check-In
  • Trash/Recycle Floater
  • Tear Down


AIDSWalk Tucson is one of the oldest charity walks in Tucson. 2023 will mark AIDSWalk Tucson’s 35th anniversary. This walk usually happens in the fall at Tucson’s Downtown. Set up begins before dawn when it’s crispy and cool. For this event, we normally require volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Set Up
  • Walker Registration
  • Route Monitors
  • Floaters
  • Walker Registration
  • Volunteer Check-In
  • Route Cheerleaders
  • Tear Down

Volunteer nights

There are some times when community groups or organizations host a volunteer night. With prior communication and approval, groups are able to come together and volunteer for a few hours. If you’re interested in hosting a volunteer night, please select “Volunteer Night” on the form below and explain what you are looking for. Some activities that we could use help with include, but are not limited to:

  • Putting together safer sex kits and harm reduction kits
  • Preparing dog food and/or cat food bags
  • Assembling new case management folders
  • Helping with mass mailings
  • Staging for events

Three people are dumping jello from orange buckets into a blue tarp-lined pit.
Young people standing on the side of the road with signs that cheer people on. Signs like "Make a Difference", "Keep on Fighting", "Walking Toward a Bright Future".