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SAAF Staff

SAAF Logo in White

SAAF Leadership

Beth Frantz | Chief Executive Officer

Chris Charles | Chief Programs Officer

Jamie Dromgoole-Hernandez | Chief Clinical Officer

Tom Rios | Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Tullar | Chief People and Culture Officer

Monique Vallery | Chief Development Officer

Erik Simonson | Executive Leadership Liaison

Finance and operations Staff

Nick Baxter | Systems Administrator

Ethel Castillo | Custodian

Kristine Chromey | Accounting Associate

Travis Darling | Maintenance Technician

Art Durazo | Jr. Systems Administrator

Ruben Encinas | Property Planning & Maintenance Manager

Robert Holliday | Associate Director of Operations

Ellie Jackson | Accountant

Abbi Meza | Receptionist

Felix Muñoz | Operations Associate

Ernesto Ramirez | Maintenance Technician

Heidi Roberts | Accounts Payable Administrator

Nathan Schaad | Sr. Maintenance Technician

Carrie Toth | Controller

People and culture Staff

TJ Albano | HRIS & Benefits Administrator

Yvette Bass | Recruitment & Retention Specialist

Jamie Henson | Manager of People & Culture

Development Staff

Zoë Bradley | Donor & Grants Coordinator

Fred Rodriguez | Associate Director of Development

Yobana L. Rodríguez | Bilingual Marketing Manager

Clinical and Prevention Staff

Airam Arce | Sr. Health Ed. & Testing Specialist

Lisa Balland | Sr. Prevention Specialist

Sabrina Barbachan | Psychosocial Support Specialist

Christina Blot | Family Nurse Practitioner

Breeze Cantua | Harm Reduction & Testing Manager

Katie Clavel | Associate Director of Clinical Services

Nathan Cordova | Prevention Navigator

Alethea Đỗ | Assoc. Dir. Testing & Prevention Services

Sophia Dovenbarger | Prevention Specialist

Ana Miranda Hernandez | Bilingual PrEP/PEP Navigator

Yessica Hernandez | PrEP/PEP Navigator

Mara Levin | Psychosocial Support Specialist

Brian Muñoz | Navigation Manager

Erica Ocejo | Bilingual Medical Assistant

Catie Ross | Prevention Specialist

Kay Savage | Prevention Specialist-Caridad

Jaime Tadeo | Prevention Navigation Coordinator

HIV Housing and Care Services

Luis Adame | Bilingual Housing Navigator
Andrea Bedoy | Ryan White Financial Assistance Specialist
Celia Beier | Insurance Program Associate
Melissa Binner | Quality Assurance Specialist
Onel Brocard | Programs Assistant
Patty Carrasco | Bilingual Linkage Liaison
Dani Casavant | Case Manager
Danielle Castillo | Support Services Associate
Lillian Castro | Bilingual Case Manager
Joshua Cera-Griffith | Support Services Associate
Sandee Chavez | Bilingual Linkage Liaison
Carlos Dabdoub | HOPWA Case Manager
Samantha Dessy | Case Manager
Dustin Duvall-Black | Statewide Housing Specialist
Tris Fowler | Statewide Housing Specialist
Wolf Gaona Jacobo | Bilingual Case Manager
Angel Gold | Lead Case Manager SEAZ
Ayliandra Grijalva | Bilingual Housing Case Manager
Anastasia Haley | Case Manager
Linda Hampton | Case Management Coordinator
Francisco Hernandez | Statewide Housing Specialist
Marie Hill-Northrip | Case Manager
Mallory Kalogreadou | Housing Services Manager
Kristie Lautoa | Food for Life Coordinator
Chandy Leverance | Assoc. Director of Housing Services
Tracy Lopez | Support Services Manager
Abby Loucks | Statewide Housing Program Manager
Francisca Minjares | Housing Services Administrator
Jim O’Rourke | Case Manager
Mary Padilla | Insurance Program Associate
Annie Price | Anti-Violence Project Case Manager
Tyler Rogers | Statewide Insurance Programs Manager
Tom Rose | Housing Coordinator
Rachael Sandoval | Quality Assurance Specialist
Tiffany Santamaria | Case Manager
Kayla Sweeney | Care Services Manager
Nuvia Trejo | Case Manager Coordinator
Maritza Vallery | Assoc. Dir. of Care Services
Amy Welch | Housing Case Manager
Danniella West-Scott | Insurance Program Associate
Jorge Zamora | Housing Administration Manager
Mariano Zamora | Quality Management Coordinator

LGBTQ+ Program Services

Meredith Brewer | Youth Health Navigator

Crystal Bright | Youth Care Worker

Vanessa Delgado | Epidemiology & Programs Manager

Danielle Fowler | Community Programs Manager

Emerson Kuhn | Assoc. Dir. of LGBTQ+ Program Services

Maria Macdonald | Eon Youth Care Worker

Dawn Rivera | YELL/ALLY Sr. Health Education Specialist

David Vargas | YELL Bilingual Health Education Specialist