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About SAAF

SAAF Logo in White

Since its inception back in 1997, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation has remained committed to ensuring that we, as a community, continue advancing health, well-being, and social justice for those living with HIV, LGBTQ+ individuals, and communities marginalized by society in Arizona and beyond.

CLient support

Staying true to our roots, our clients remain SAAF’s priority. Our clients are able to receive case management as they learn to navigate their life with a new or existing diagnosis. Through their case manager, our clients are eligible to receive housing, psychosocial services, food services, complimentary therapies, and access to other resources. We know that you can live with HIV and thrive, but we need to make sure our clients know that as well.


Prevention is at the core of making sure that our community stays healthy physically and mentally. SAAF provides HIV and STI testing. Some of our programs aim to prevent relationship abuse, substance abuse, and suicide by implementing evidence-based curricula in their trainings and psychosocial services. SAP (Syringe Access Program) meets people where they are by providing safer practices and allowing folks to have access to resources when they need them. Now with the addition of SAAF Health, people in our community will have access to gender-affirming primary care at no cost.

LGBTQ+ Initiatives

SAAF continues to support, care for, champion, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Programs such as our Anti-Violence Program are set up at SAAF to help anyone that identifies as an LGBTQ+ individual to get help if they experience domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, or are a victim of a hate crime. SAAF’s Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th focuses on giving LGBTQ+ youth a space to feel free to be themselves. While there, they are given access to resources that speak to their basic needs. 

Community Engagement

We understand that we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for the support from our community. SAAF is proud to host three impactful events a year…Out Brunch, Jell-O Wrestling, and AIDSWalk Tucson. These events are intended to create a connection with the community with love dearly, to create awareness, and to invite others to join our fight by giving or their time or gifts. We are very appreciative of other businesses around the community that have taken the time to partner with SAAF. Third-party events like these, allow us to interact with an audience that might not know about us. Outreach and presentations are used to educate and share what SAAF is all about.