SAAF Directors

Wendell Hicks, Executive Director

Luis Ortega, Director of Programs

Tabitha Fox, Director of Finance

Travis Craddock, Director of Development

Rich Clark, Director of Human Resources

Care Services Staff

  • Andrea Bedoy
  • Celia Beier
  • Cathy ‘Cat’ Belue
  • Tony Bishop
  • Christopher Charles
  • Robert “Rob” Coleman
  • Sharon Cullen
  • Jason Cuneo
  • Ariana Del Cid
  • Alfred DiBernardo
  • Sewa Farias
  • Samantha Fetterley
  • Denise Flores
  • Ali Ghafarri
  • Linda Hampton
  • Kathy Hickerson
  • John Jackson
  • Tim Juge
  • Kayla Kurti
  • Michelle MacDonald
  • Arturo Mancinas
  • Dave Martin
  • Enrique Marquez
  • Carrie Montgomery
  • Brian Muñoz
  • Kerry Murphy
  • Juan Nuñez
  • Araceli Parra Bonner
  • Fedora Preston-Haynes
  • Austin Puca
  • Megan Quintero
  • Sergio Ramos
  • Tyler Rogers
  • Janeth Murillo Romero
  • Tom Rose
  • Nathan Schaad
  • Haley Smith
  • Rae Strozzo
  • Jaime Tadeo
  • Rachel Tapp
  • David Tellez
  • Miguel Urbina
  • Maritza Vallery
  • Marco Velarde
  • James Wendt
  • Kay Wolferstetter
  • Jorge Zamora
  • Mariano Zamora

Prevention Staff

  • Niko Berger
  • Tatum Craft
  • Eddie Diaz
  • Alethea Do
  • Arizpe Ellinwood
  • Tucker Grace
  • Jayelle Harrison
  • Ricky Harrison
  • Zeanna Hawk
  • Violet Krieger
  • Itzayana Leyva
  • Michael Lopez
  • Ramon Lopez Serrano
  • Catherine Moutray
  • Jason Rivera
  • Rae Strozzo
  • Bea Velazquez Morales
  • Michael Webb

Development Staff

  • Carrie Anne Armes
  • Wayne Barnett
  • Rachel McMenamin
  • Sallie Muse
  • Jessica Patrick
  • Josué Romero

Finance/Administrative Staff

  • Gloria Beltran
  • Brian Davis
  • Mallory Kalogreadou
  • Fareeda Khunji
  • Ruben Leyva
  • Jessica Lowell
  • Felix Muñoz
  • Joshua Richardson
  • Cynthia Robison
  • Erik Simonson

News and Events

  • Share the Love with SAAF’s Home-Bound Clients, December 26, 2018

    Did you know that 92% of SAAF’s Food Program participants have extremely low and very low incomes and rely on our programs not just to avoid hunger, but to receive appropriate, nutrient-dense foods necessary to maintain their health and prevent HIV disease symptoms and medication side effects? Individuals living with HIV and their families face […]

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  • SAAF Stands with Transgender Community, October 25, 2018

    Press Release for Immediate Release October 25, 2018 Based on news reports over the weekend, the Trump administration is working to dramatically roll back protections for transgender students by narrowing the definitions of sex and gender under Title IX that our courts have used to provide protections for LGBTQ+ people. It is reported that the […]

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  • 30th AIDSWALK Touches the Hearts of Hundreds, October 23, 2018

    On the morning of Sunday, October 14th, 2018 hundreds of people gathered early in Downtown Tucson to show their support for the 30th Annual AIDSWALK Tucson. Everyone has a different reason for walking, some very personal while others walk due to a strong sense of community.  No matter the reason, the presence of approximately 500 […]

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  • Call for 2019 Out Brunch Community Award Nominations, August 23, 2018

    The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is proud to announce the community nomination period for the 2019 Out Brunch Community Awards. The Out Brunch Community Awards recognize and celebrate the work and dedication of three exceptional community members.  Nominations open August 23, 2018 and close September 21, 2018.  The awards will be given at the […]

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  • AIDSWALK Tucson Registration Now Open, June 28, 2017

    The 29th Annual AIDSWALK Tucson may still be 3 months away, but it is never too early to register and start fundraising! Join your friends and family (and your four-legged friends, too) for a walk to fight stigma and hate in our community. We’ll see you on October 15 for another amazing year of AIDSWALK […]

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The mission of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation is to cultivate a healthy and stigma-free society through transformative action.